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We love health and fitness but what we love more is seeing you happy and healthy

We are a private personal training studio that offers different services to help you achieve results. Because let’s be fair we are all different and we all like doing different things. No ones journey should be the same.

Need a Personal Trainer?

The FITT House is our private personal training facility where you can train in the comfort of just you and the trainer. We cover a range of services to give you the ideal package to reach your goal. If this sounds like something you are interested in click the button below and leave your name and number and we will call you back.

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It's about Progress not Perfection

Services we provide at FITT UK

Personal Training

This is perfect if you want to train on your own, 1-2-1 with the coach/trainer working on specific goals.

Personal training programs

Personal training session

Weekly classes

If you’re looking to join like-minded individuals at a regular class or session, then take a look at our weekly activities.

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What our clients says about us


I have been a client of Ben’s for 2 years now, mostly focusing on strength and conditioning. I am stronger more toned and feel better than I ever have, even comparing to before having my son. Ben has challenged me to do more than I ever thought I could, even convincing me to try a couple strongwomen competitions, helping me to achieve 3rd at Birmingham’s strongest. I can genuinely say that it you follow Ben’s training plan, which he will design for your goals, you will achieve your goals. Ben has also helped me with my health and nutrition, allowing me to lose fat and gain muscle.  But the most important thing about everything is that I have enjoyed the journey, I love my training day because they are fun and diverse. I also love the time I’m not at the gym because I look and feel great!


Choosing Ben as my personal trainer two years ago is without doubt one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only have I lost over two stone, my body has completely changed shape, I feel healthier and have never had such good fitness levels. I feel confident and better than I have ever felt in my life. Ben not only provides me with a customised plan, but adjusts it to ensure I am always progressing. I feel completely comfortable asking my endless amount of questions and always receive a knowledgeable response. Training has become a pleasure since working with Ben!


I’ve been training with Ben the last 6 months and he is hands down the best PT I have ever worked with. Each workout is precisely planned, reps and weights meticulously recorded so you are always making progress. Ben’s knowledge of the latest training methods are second to none and his thirst for learning about what works and what doesn’t work means you can trust him to get you into the best shape of your life. I can’t recommend Ben enough. A great guy, great trainer and a great gym.

Dan and Danielle

Dan and Danielle

We have been training with Ben for just over a year now, attending both the early morning HIIT classes and FITT Camp, as well as having weekly personal training sessions. Ben caters our PT sessions according to our own individual needs helping us to achieve our different goals alongside one another. I have noticed a vast improvement in my strength and muscle definition since training with Ben.

The FITT and HIIT sessions are varied and fun but also challenging and Ben ensures we work hard! They are perfect for groups of differing levels of ability as you can work at your own pace.

Ben is a great motivator and always greets you with a smile. The FITT House has a fantastic selection of equipment from the usual pieces you’d expect to find in a gym, to sleds, atlas stones and specialist strongman equipment. This means that sessions are always varied.

Overall whatever your fitness goals are, I couldn’t recommend Ben enough.

My Story

Hi my name is Ben and I am the owner and head coach of FITT UK and The FITT House but it hasn’t always been this way. My story in comparison to others is quite a boring one, I have always loved sports and training so for me to end up as a coach/personal trainer is no surprise it just took some listening to my heart and letting my passion for exercising take me to where I am today.

I was working in the retail industry while studying advance sport and exercise science at Southend college and ended up getting drawn in by what I could earn as a manager. Over time I became very down doing a job I couldn’t care less about until, on my honeymoon of all things in January 2013 I decided enough was enough.

I wanted to do what I always dreamed of doing, I wanted to help people achieve what I had achieved in my own training make them a healthier, fitter and stronger version of themselves.

So here I am today ready to take you to the next level and travel with you on your journey to a happier healthier you.

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