Blood shunting!

Oh Ben what is that I hear you saying.

Basically blood shunting is doing a leg exercise and then an upper body exercise straight after. By doing this it forces the heart to work harder by transferring the blood flow from the legs to the arms and vice versa.

Burn More Calories

This is a great way to burn more calories when training. I use this method from time to time in my bootcamps as it really gets the group working hard.

But how can you utilise this method in your normal training programme, well I have the answer for you right here.

A favourite and simple blood shunting method is you do an anterior leg exercise first (Lunges, squats, step ups etc) then go into a posterior upper body exercise (Pulldowns, Rows etc) followed by a posterior leg exercise (Hamstring Curls, RDL’s, Back extensions etc) and finish with an anterior upper body exercise (Shoulder press, bench press etc).

Make sure the exercises you choose are using multiple muscle groups as they give more bang for your buck.

This is a great way to finish your week of training off. Because of the effort required to complete the circuit this is great for conditioning, body composition and burning calories more than it is to make your muscles grow bigger and stronger.

The Routine

3×10-12 is more than enough to get the required response, allow 10s rest between each exercise and then 2-3 minute rest once all 4 exercises are complete depending on how good your recovery is.

If you find it too easy either reduce your rest time or up your weights.

The power is yours to get looking and feeling great.