Build Muscle Burn Fat!

You don’t need to do some crazy CrossFit workout to produce crazy fat loss results. You don’t need to do some crazy diet for short term results but then pile all the weight back on as soon as you eat a normal diet.

The Method

Build muscle and burn fat with this simple bodybuilding method.

The method we are going to discuss is giant sets. Giant sets were made popular through a bodybuilder and now coach Milos Sarcev in the 90’s and 2000’s.

Milos’s approach was a simple but demanding 4+ exercises per body part. These are performed back to back with no rest until the last exercise is finished. 2-4mins rest is required because of the physical toll it takes on your muscles.

It’s very high volume which is perfect for building muscle. Performance is irrelevant as long as you work hard which brings about fat loss.

Milos will use up to 10 exercises on a body part but this for a natural lifter is far too much. I recommend 4-5 exercises per body part and no more then 3-4 sets as you need to recover ready for the next session.

Workout Example for Back:

Chin ups 4-6/6-8 (depending on strength) 20X0 10s rest

T-Bar Rows 6-8 30X0 10s rest

Wide Pulldowns 8-10 3011 10s rest

Straight Arm Pulldowns/DB Pull Overs 10-12 4010 2-4mins rest

3 sets

Be Creative

The giant set method can be utilised in many different ways by hitting the strength curve of each muscle using different angles with all types of equipment from dumbbells, barbells, cable pulleys and machines.

Use varying tempo’s to really fatigue the muscle adding in pauses, eccentric failure and slow/fast rep method to achieve great results. Switch up the exercises for each body part after 2 weeks. This will keep away boredom and allow you to attack each muscle from different angles and techniques.

Remember the idea of the giant set method is to work hard, don’t worry about performance. You won’t get stronger or lift heavy weights on this method but you will get muscular and lean.

Exercise order makes little difference on this method so don’t place the bench press first in the hope it will. Place it last when the PECS are at there most fatigued for a huge hypertrophy response.

Now you have a new method to make the most out of your physique ready to show off this summer.

Workout Example for Chest:

Dips 4-6 2020 10s rest

Incline Cable Flies 10-12 3010 10s rest

DB Hex Press 8-10 2020 10s rest

Bench Press 6-8 30X0 2-4mins rest

3 sets