Burning Calories!

In most homes they have the one item that burns more calories than any other!

Your Stairs!

Stair walking or running is by far the most beneficial when it comes to burning calories.

If you don’t have stairs at home and you are heading back to the office a few times a week then walk up 3-4 flights of stairs twice a day. Doesn’t matter what floor your office is on just get some stair walks in and get the lift to your floor.

A study was down with an office on the bottom floor, every team member had to take part and there was no change to their daily diets. The study was set over 8 weeks, week 1 was once a day they had to walk up to the 8th floor and sign a register form. Week 2 was twice a day they had to walk up to the 8th floor and sign the register form, this kept going all the way to 8 times a day in week 8.

On average they all lost a stone (14lbs/7kg) in bodyweight, their resting heart rate went down and their cholesterol dropped all simply by walking the stairs. Now 8 times a day obviously is a bit excessive but imagine every day you walk the stairs 10 times or even set a little hit workout walking the stairs at home. You could make huge improvements to your weight loss and health simply by adding this in.

Home Stairs Workout

I can hear somebody saying well I do this at home anyway blah blah, but your body has got used to this when you do it 5 times a day spread out through the day, try doing it in a 10 minute block for 30s on and then 30s rest. This will get that heart rate up and calories burning, if 30/30 is too easy then switch it to 35/25 or 40/20 as long as it’s getting your heart rate up then its working.

If you really wanted to make this a whole body workout use weights at home and make a circuit. DB Shoulder Press 30s into Leg Raises 30s into Stair Run 30s into Squats 30s. The only thing holding you back is your imagination on how this can work wonders for you and is completely free!

Such a simple way to add in extra calories to burn to reach your weight loss goals.