Can your body tolerate carbs?

Some interesting articles I have been reading recently and it got me thinking about all the commuters getting the train to work, ill get to that in more detail in a sec so bear with me.

Some of us are more designed to tolerate carbs better than others, it’s just the way we are. We think of carbs as our energy source, which it is but how much should we be having to benefit ourselves and not gain weight! I don’t know there is no exact number but I can help you find out if you need them or not.

A way to find out if you need carbs in your daily diet is have a big carby breakfast like pancakes and syrup for example and see how you feel an hour after eating them.

Do you feel tired or ready to climb mountains?

This is where my opening paragraph now returns to, I’ve seen or hear from my clients about themselves or some person asleep on the train to work. This shouldn’t be happening, if you’re getting sufficient sleep and eating the right foods you should be awake and ready to take on the world.

If you are the sluggish type after carbs then you are more susceptible to putting on weight from carbs, if you don’t feel sluggish lucky you. Now you shouldn’t remove carbs completely from your diet but you should reduce them. Save carbs for lunch time preferably a type of potato or some berries (the more natural source of carb the better) or for after training as your body will suck them up like a sponge and use them as part of your recovery.

How to start your day right

I have said this a few times in past articles but start your day with meat and nuts if you don’t like nuts or think that’s weird replace with an avocado, egg and bacon is my go to breakfast to start the day, try an omelette packed full of veg. If you really can’t stomach that to start your day go with natural, greek style or skyr yogurt with a small amount of berries, a small amount of carbs from a fruit source won’t give you a massive energy crash.

The biggest issue is portion size we in the western world tend to over eat and especially on carbs, if you read my articles on Facebook about the 3 healthiest countries the one thing they all have in common is they eat small portions and they eat fresh. If you adopt these ways for eating and plan your meals in advance you can’t lose on your journey for looking and feeling funky, sexy and cool.

I would love to hear back from you if any of my tips and advice have helped make a difference in your life, so feel free to drop me a message.