My favourite Hypertrophy method

There are many ways to build muscle, most people know the traditional 3×10 system and I guarantee any of you reading this have tried it.

It’s great for a beginner with little gym experience but the days of 3×10 are dead if you want to build some serious muscle.

Heavy to Light method

Heavy to light methods are amazing for muscle building, simply because they fatigue two sets of muscle units, yep you guessed it heavy and light. These lead to the destruction of as many muscle fibres as possible. Meaning more muscle gains if your recovery and nutrition is on point.

I have mentioned in the past about the 10,8,6,15 10,8,6,20 and 8,6,4,12 methods. These are heavy to light methods which I love to use but there are other heavy to light methods I will go through today.

Drop sets are commonly known as something to add at the end of your traditional 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps to take the muscle to failure. The drop sets mentioned below are heavy to light one’s which will maximise the weight you lift to give you the ultimate fatigue.

Drop Sets

My favourite is the 5-10 drop set, you do a heavy set of 5 reps then immediately drop the weight down and do 10 reps of another weight. Depending on the amount of volume being performed would dictate how many sets are done. On average I would say 4 is best but 3-5 sets will get results.

Similarly you have the 4-8 and 6-12 drop set methods. Work the same as above but give you some variety but with the same results.

A slightly more traditional method is the 5-5-5 drop set. 5 reps at a heavy weight then drop the weight and perform another 5 then drop the weight again and perform another 5.

This really works just ask my clients I’ve used it with. 3-5 sets is plenty on this variant as you are doing a lot of work.

Similar to the 5-5-5 method you have the 6-4-4 and the 6-6-6 drop set methods. Again get the same results but add variety.

So there you have 6 great methods to build some serious muscle. Go use them to your advantage and get closer to hitting your goals.

I learned these methods from my mentor Tom Hibbert very knowledgeable and has some great content if you want to learn more about lifting weights.

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