Physical and mental benefits from strength training in over 50’s

Strength training in older age has so many physical and mental benefits. 

We will cover simple strength exercises but also the daily activities you can do to keep your body and mind in good condition. 

On Saturday 19th September The Times had an article called Midlife muscle: the secret to a good brain (and body) after 50.

The article went into depth about how our muscles and brain deteriorate in older age due to sarcopenia. Now we can stop or slow down the deterioration through strength training, eating better, avoiding high fatty and starchy foods and consuming more vitamin C. 

Grip Strength and Mental Health

There was a mention of how your strength and brain condition is linked to your grip strength. Now this is because the majority of our nerves from the brain end in the hands. So the more grip stuff we do the healthier our brain is, this can be improved by gardening, carrying your shopping or other items but also through resistance training. 

Resistance Training

Simple resistance exercises you can do to improve overall strength are the squat, deadlift, bench press, seated or bent over row and overhead press. These exercises will pass over into your daily lives and make daily tasks easier. 

Start light and slowly build up the resistance over time, whether that be through more repetitions or slightly heavier weight. The idea isn’t to make you into the next Geoff Capes or Eddie Hall, it is just to keep you strong enough to stop your muscles and brain deteriorating and to make life easier. 

3×10,3×8,3×6,5×5,4×4,3×3 these sets and repetitions examples are enough to work your muscles and grip to improve your overall strength. 

Don’t let yourself just sit and do nothing, be active and it will change your life. A client of mine went from being active to sitting in his chair watching TV all day and he quickly started deteriorating. His family was concerned so the doctor advised getting him more active so I received a call to see if I could help and of course I could that’s my job. Now fast forward to a year after we started training together and his annual tests show no further deterioration has taken place. All we have done is walk and do a few resistance exercises to keep the major muscles strong. It’s so simple. 

Take 5 minutes out of your day and read the article. I have attached the link for you below so you don’t have to search for it.  This will make a difference in your life. c0pb  

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