Sprinting vs Jogging

Sprinting or Jogging which one is for you?

Both have their benefits to your cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance/power and weight loss (calorie burning) but depending on your goal which one benefits you more?

Now this only popped into my head because of my plans with my own training and seeing the amount of people running more due to the situation and the limited equipment they have to train with.

Let’s start by breaking down each exercise so you can understand which one benefits you!


Sprinting is all about power, generating as much force as possible to get you accelerating forward. Now it doesn’t matter if you’re a fast sprinter or not it will still have the same benefits for everyone. Because of the force generated when sprinting your muscles have to contract harder and faster bringing about a more anabolic response on your muscles. This will have a greater muscle building/toning effect then running for long periods of time as you can only sprint to the max for short periods, like lifting a heavy weight in the gym can only be done for low repetitions.
Muscles need to be working in an anabolic state or as close to, to achieve a muscular look.

In terms of calories you will burn the same if not more than running for a long time, think of sprinting along the lines of HIIT Training you are using max effort and rest times will be short, maybe not as short as some HIIT programmes allow but short enough for you not to catch your breath fully.


Jogging is all about running for long periods building up your endurance and cardiovascular fitness. The effort on the muscles is far less then when sprinting. You don’t use the as much of muscle to move forward, think of how high you lift your leg when jogging to sprinting and the stride length difference.

Jogging is catabolic on your system especially if you are someone who loves to run long distances. Paula Radcliffe famously used to have to eat 10,000 calories a day to stop her body from going too catabolic this is the same as some strongman trying to gain strength and muscle. That’s why distance runners are so skinny but sprinters are a lot more defined and shapely. Admittedly Paula Radcliffe was at the top of her sport and is expected to be like that but I have seen the same on local runners.

Running does burn calories especially if you are out running for quite some time or running hills etc but there comes a point the body becomes a very efficient tool and uses less calories to run the same distance or at the same speed. You have to either run the same distance faster or run further to keep the calorie burning up at an efficient level. Remember the higher your heart rate the more calories you burn hence why HIIT is so affective as your heart rate stays high even after you have stopped training, with running the fitter you get the more efficient you are and the lower your heart rate is.

It might seem like I’m completely against jogging, I’m not but depending on your goal means you could be making more progress sprinting over jogging. You will achieve results with both and can have the best of both worlds but doing both especially while in quarantine and even after.
You will gain a lot of benefits from doing both as they are outdoor activities, visit my Facebook page FITT UK and read my post on benefits of outdoor training post was written on 25th May.

If jogging or sprinting is not your cup of tea then check out our weekly classes page and see if we can help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

Stay well, keep fit and be happy