Tis’ the season to be Merry

So here we are Christmas is upon us which means the majority of us will over indulge one way or another but is this a bad thing?

No its not. We all need time to relax and enjoy ourselves, unfortunately there will be a few that go too far and regret it come January when the whole of December became one big booze fest, ate all the mince pies and gained a stone or more in weight.

But I have a solution… now I have your attention!

It’s not about no alcohol or no mince pies or no chocolate, it’s about clever plans and clever switches from one drink to another.

Let’s start with alcohol:

Large glass of red wine = 214 calories
Large glass of white wine = 190 calories
Large glass of Prosecco = 160 calories
A glass of champagne = 95 calories (remember this is a smaller glass)

You are better off having a glass of prosecco then another other wine based product but a small rule is the lesser the alcohol content the lesser the sugar so the lesser the calories.

A pint of Fosters = 204 calories
A pint of Coors Light = 182 calories
A pint of Bud Light = 152 calories
A pint of Budweiser = 193 calories

Shorts like vodka (64-97 calories per shot), rum (61-110 calories per shot) and gin (50-98 calories per shot) tend to be the lowest in calories but no one really likes drinking them on their own so by adding pepsi max, coke zero, sprite zero, tonic or slim line tonic you are adding 0-34 calories.

With regards to the chocolate, mince pies and other treats plan in advance how many you will allow yourself that day and stick to it. 3 roses chocolates = 160 calories, a mince pie on average contains 214 calories.

By knowing this information you can easily plan these treats or drinks into your daily nutrition and still enjoy the Christmas period without the guilt.

Remember your health is the most important thing so be sensible don’t go too over board and most importantly have a wonderful Christmas.