What we can learn from the Italians when it comes to health!

Italy has the lowest obesity percentage in Europe, Why?

Well in this article I am going to go through what they eat, drink and their lifestyle to help you be healthy, look and feel amazing.

I don’t know about you but I love Italian food. We all know they love their pasta and pizza but you hardly see a fat Italian, why is that?

To the Italians food is life and I can’t agree more, they make everything from scratch even the pasta. The Italians believe in home cooking and they carry on the same tradition in their restaurants.

Italian food:

Pizza – this is all made fresh not a processed food in site, they make the dough and the sauce, use mozzarella but don’t smother the pizza in it and top it with fresh vegetables and meat. Now I love pizza and have recently started making a homemade one rather than shop bought or ordering in and it was just right to satisfy those taste buds and I fraction of the calories. At the bottom I will leave the dough recipe we used the toppings are up to you.

Lasagne – again like the pizza is all made fresh with quality ingredients but they don’t put a massive slab on their plate they have a salad to go with it to make you feel that little fuller and not over indulging.

Fried Peppers and onions – now not everything is pasta from Italy they have a great way of making vegetables and salads super tasty. Below I will have the link to the website I’m getting these from for you to try and enjoy.

Risotto – in some regions in the north prefer this over pasta. You will never run out of recipes for this dish, it is so versatile anyone can find a recipe they will love. Made with risotto rice (obviously) and butter but before you think of christ the calories in this be smart a keep the portion small and ramp up the vegetables you put in to make this extremely healthy and satisfying.

Olive oil – the Italians use this in practically everything they cook, yes it’s an oil so it’s high in fat which is calorific but it’s a healthy fat something our bodies do not get enough of. Fat gets villainised as the thing that makes us fat, it doesn’t it’s over eating that makes us fat.

Pasta – they love it and they make it fresh doesn’t matter what type it is. We consume too much processed food and pasta falls into this category. Why does pasta taste better when you go to an Italian restaurant the answer is above.


Coffee – Italians love their coffee as much as their food, its a way of life especially the way they have it. Coffee isn’t served piping hot, which I hate over here as I have to wait to drink it, its served at perfect drinking temperature.

Italians start the day with a small breakfast commonly a pastry and a cappuccino, the afternoon may be split into two short stops or breaks for an espresso or a Caffè macchiato basically an espresso with a little bit of frothy milk to soften the taste. They may have an espresso after food or dinner in the evening as well.

We get told we drink too much coffee but here is a nation that literally thrives on it but they keep it simple. Each coffee is short and too the point not one of these lattes that is more like a dessert then a coffee. Black coffee is low in calories literally like 50 calories and is antioxidant, no wonder they are in the top 3 healthiest countries.

Italian lifestyle:

In Italy lunch is the main meal of the day, they tend to close up and go home for lunch, something we cannot do but we can use part of this. Breakfast and dinner are considered quite light meals and lunch is the king of meal time. Italians drink but not like we do they drink with meal times and they drink for the taste not for the buzz like we do. They have aperitifs before meals to get the digestive juices flowing ready for their meal. Enjoy a good pinot grigio with your meal and leave it there.

In Italy they tend to grow their own vegetables, now this isn’t going to be for everyone but think of the savings you would make, the satisfaction from eating something you have grown but best of all it would be organic.

After meal time the family will go for a walk and spend time together, this is a great way to keep yourself active without going to the gym. Enjoy a walk in the evening together rather than sitting and watching TV, a walk will relax and destress you more than watching the latest crap on TV.

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Here are the links to the websites I used to write the post. Definitely check out the food ones the recipes look amazing.