Who is striving for the perfect body?

I’m definitely not, are you?

None of you are stupid, most of you have read multiple blogs or articles on lifting weights or cardio or diets for weight loss blah blah blah.

Some of you are working hard but not sure what you actually want and some can’t motivate themselves to put the effort in and try.

Stop looking in the mirror wanting to be or look like someone else. You are you be proud of you, you can easily live a life of enjoyment eating and drinking what you want just in moderation but be smart about it. You can easily hit the gym 3 times a week and look great but make sure you are working hard and not chatting to you gym buddy about some crap gossip or what you did on the weekend, save it for after when you get a coffee together or another day when you’re not at the gym.

The simplest way to achieve looking great and not having to cut out all the nice things you enjoy or to train 6 times a week like a mad person is be active and eat smart.
Swap the breakfast cereals for yogurt and fruit or egg and bacon, have a burger without the bun and homemade chips and salad rather then a takeaway. Go for walks on the weekend, pick a route to walk the dog or take the kids to a country park that might have a pub near by so you have a long walk and reward yourself with a pint or glass of wine. This way you still enjoy what you want but are making the most of it by staying active and healthy.

This would suit 90% of you lifestyle wise, you just need to implement it into your weekly routine.

No more boring dull foods no more feeling like you need to go to the gym everyday just smart actions.

Its down to you to make the start.
I’m here if you need advice or need a kick up the arse.